“Matt is an amazing blend of old and new school teaching.  His technical knowledge of the modern golf swing is first-rate, but he delivers it without the overwhelming technical detail.  Rather, he seeks the one or two ideas at the root of the issue and provides helpful ways to work on them.  In addition to helping me improve, the process is always fun, and I seldom if ever feel like I have to “get worse” to get better.  Most importantly, he is a great guy and able to communicate multiple ways so if I don’t “get” something, it is easy to tell him that; and he’d find a different way to help me understand.  Will be my pro as long as I have the pleasure of working with him.”

- Somerset Hills CC Member

“I have taken golf lessons from Matt Barr at the John Webster Golf Academy at The Breakers over a several year period when I was in Palm Beach on vacations.  He is a superb instructor who has helped my game immeasurably.  Many golf pros understand the relevant technique and details, but only a few have that knowledge combined with the much rarer skill of being able to communicate the essential teachings simply, helpfully and without unnecessary complexity.  Matt has that knack, and I value it highly.  I have taken an enormous number of lessons from golf pros all over the world (including at the Jim McLean School at the Doral) and Matt Barr is one of the best!"

- JWGA Student

“From our time together at Penn State, The Country Club and most recently Somerset Hills, Matt has always been there pushing and encouraging me to improve myself.  Part of that support has been encouraging me to become a better player.  Over the past five years I have worked with Tom Patri on my game, but have always had Matt’s eyes and ears when I was not able to see Tom.  His ability to implement ideas that were in line with the program that Tom and I have worked on helped to reinforce new skills, while adding points of emphasis in Tom’s absence.  Having someone you trust to look at your swing is one thing, but having someone who puts themselves aside to help in another’s personal development is invaluable."

- David Wilson, Head Professional, Hyannisport Club