Golf Instruction

"If what you are doing feels comfortable, then you are not continuing to become a better player."

- Matt Barr


Ironically, golf instruction starts within the student. If the

drive to become a better player does not come directly

from our students, then we as teachers have a tough time

bettering the player. Once the desire to learn is established,

and why he/she wants to learn, then we can move on to

communication and relationship building. Education is a

two way street, we need to build a relationship with our

students that is based on clear communication. Once these

fundamentals are established, we can then relay the necessary information to the student based on our knowledge of the golf swing.  

- As an instructor, it is my job to understand what the player, their body, and the golf club is doing. From there, I am able to translate what the student needs to know into understandable content that they can see and feel. 


- All of this can be done through golf instruction utilizing video analysis, demonstration, and drills.