The Cape Kidnappers golf shop in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand is extremely unique. Because it is a highly ranked resort, attracting people from all over the world, it makes buying merchandise extremely difficult. Pricing is a delicate subject due to the fact that most of the goods are coming from outside of the country, therefore subject to taxes, embroidery fees, and customs. Learning how to buy in such a sensitive environment is an extremely valuable lesson.  

Buying merchandise for a golf shop and buying merchandise for a USGA event are two very different processes. Taking the time to forecast sales based on previous events was a new and eye opening experience. With the help of the NGLA Professional Staff, PGM University students, and volunteers, the club was able to provide first class service in a large-scale setting.  

Buying merchandise for more than 1,000 members can be somewhat of a difficult task. Here at The Country Club we make it a point to listen to our membership, and accommodate to their wants and needs. The staff is always listening to feedback, as well as keeping an eye on various reports throughout the season. This allows us to better predict what the membership is looking for when they step into the golf shop. 

During the 2013 US Amateur, the golf shop and professional offices were used in conjunction to create an efficient merchandise facility. With an average daily attendance of 5,000 patrons the potential for high amounts of traffic within the merchandising area was imminent. The efforts of the staff and volunteers created a comfortable atmosphere for all who attended.  



As golf professionals, we must take note of different markets. Styles, trends, and buying patterns will dictate what will sell in different regions and parts of the world. Seeing different ways that merchandise can be planned, purchased, and displayed is a great way to separate yourself. We can learn strategies from our colleagues, and plan different ways to help move merchandise within our golf shops.  

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