PGA Junior League
TCC Junior Academy

Over the past few years junior golf at The Country Club has grown at a rapid rate. Our Saturday clinics have filled up and the interest expressed by some of the older and more skilled players has forced us to expand. The TCC Junior Academy is a weeklong instructional program with smaller groups of golfers, which highlights dynamic skill sets. These skills give the athlete the ability to advance their game.  

Matching up against Ridgewood Country Club this summer was one of the highlights of the year for these lucky juniors. RCC hosted us on August 7th for a match and NY Yankee game. The following week these boys came up to The Country Club for a second match and a night at Fenway as well. It is great for these young players to travel, see different golf courses, and play in different settings against new people.

For this year, 2015, The Country Club has implemented a brand new junior certification program. We have found a way to motivate our youngest golfers, all the while challenging older players as their skills advance. Right now we have 4 levels of certification based on a specific playing criteria as well as a series of short written exams.

PGA Junior League has swarmed the nation in a way that most of us have ever seen. From 2013 to 2014 the program has doubled in size from 9,000 participants to 18,000 across the country. Golf has finally found a way to combat all other recreational sports, such as soccer and baseball. This is a fun team environment where kids 13 and under can compete against other golf clubs in their area.  

Growing the Game


The future of this wonderful game lies within our junior golfers. It is our job as golf professionals to create an environment where children and young adults want to learn and succeed. We must first develop the athlete within the golfer in order for them to progress in this game of a lifetime. This is a trend that has recently emerged, and will continue to guide golf instruction in the future. Golf is a game that tests patience and demands discipline; values that will forever mold the individuals we teach. 

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